Determining the Legitimacy of Cash Home Buying Companies

A home is the most expensive purchase that most people will ever make in their lives. That makes selling a home the biggest sale that they’ll make as well. When selling a home quickly is the priority, some homeowners will turn to cash buyers, since they can cut months off of the whole process. While speed is important, it’s still important to make sure that the cash home buying company you’re working with is legitimate. So how do you do that?

Online Reviews

Online reviews are an excellent way to get a feel for what sorts of experiences other customers and clients have had with any business. Cash home buying companies are no exception to this. Google reviews is a good place to start. Take a look at a whole range of reviews, the good, the bad, and the middling. The more reviews you look at, the more complete a picture you’ll get of what your experience working with the company is likely to be like. If the company isn’t legitimate, you can bet that they won’t have many stars and that most of the reviews will be pretty negative.

BBB Ratings

Don’t just stop at looking at reviews though. Remember, selling your home is a big deal, and getting scammed could put you in a huge amount of trouble. Check the company’s BBB ratings too. Take a look at what their overall rating is, the reviews they’ve gotten, and their complaint response rate. If they have a good rating, overall positive reviews, a quick response time, and a track record of resolving complaints, you can feel pretty confident that the company is legitimate.


Testimonials are a lot like reviews, except they’re generally gathered by the company. Testimonials tend to be positive, since it’s in the company’s best interest to put themselves in a good light. Still, it’s worth looking at any testimonials a cash home buying company has put on their website. Testimonials tend to be more in depth than your average review, so you can get an even better picture of what experiences previous customers and clients have had.

The unfortunate truth is that any business or industry out there has some bad actors that will give everyone else a bad name. To avoid falling victim to such a business when trying to sell your home to a cash home buyer, it’s crucial to determine the legitimacy of the company first. As long as you do your due diligence, you should be able to move forward confident that you’re working with a legitimate company.

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