3 Things That Make a Professional Home Buying Company Different

All buyers can be divided into one of two categories: traditional buyers who pay for properties with a mortgage and cash buyers. Cash buyers have a smaller subset that is even more unique: professional home buying companies. So what makes these buyers different from the rest?


One of the biggest things that set professional home buying companies apart from other buyers is how quickly they can move through the process of purchasing a home. Everyone’s situation is different, so not everyone working with a professional home buying company will have the same timeline. That said, some sellers have sold their homes to these companies in 30 days, sometimes even less! A lot of that boils down to how they pay: in cash. Paying in cash means they don’t have to spend weeks or even months waiting on a lender to make decisions about financing and appraisals.


Aside from not needing a lender, what makes it possible for professional home buying companies to move as quickly as they do? Simply put, it’s the level of experience they bring to the table. It’s what allows them to buy homes without needing help from a real estate agent. These companies know what they’re looking for and know how to evaluate a home quickly so they can extend an offer in record time.


Selling to a professional home buying company is arguably the most convenient way to sell a house. All it takes is get started is to fill out a quick online form or give them a call. Then you schedule a single appointment for them to come to see the house, review and accept the offer you’re given, choose your closing date, and meet up to finalize all the paperwork. Notice that there’s no need to repair or even clean your home. You can forget about open houses and multiple showings too. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Anyone who has ever sold a home before can tell you that not all buyers are created equal. Some are much easier to satisfy than others, and some make the process of selling your home easier than others. When it comes to making selling a home quick and easy, no other type of buyer comes close to a professional home buying company.

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