How Does the Cash Buyer Closing Process Compare for Speed?

Selling a house can take some time. To start, there’s the matter of getting your home ready for sale. Then there’s the issue of finding a buyer. Once you’ve received an offer from a buyer, you can move on to closing. How long closing takes often depends on who your buyer is. Traditional buyers and cash buyers don’t close at the same rates. So how do they compare?

Slow: Traditional Buyer

Traditional buyers require the assistance of a lender to buy a home. Lenders provide an invaluable service for many buyers, but working with one isn’t without its drawbacks. One of those drawbacks is that they require certain things to be done during the closing process. Steps like buyer credit checks, appraisals, and more add time to how long it takes to close on a home. That lands traditional buyers in the bottom slot when comparing closing speeds.

Fast: Cash Buyer

Cash buyers already have the funds to pay for a home. As such, they don’t need help from a lender. Because of that, the steps that lenders require before closing the deal on a home are left to the discretion of the cash buyer. That makes it possible for cash buyers to close more quickly than traditional buyers. Just be aware that some cash buyers will still want things like appraisals done on a home before the closing process is complete, but others won’t find it necessary.

Fastest: Professional Home Buying Company

Not all cash buyers are created equal. Within the category of cash buyers is a sub-section of cash buyers: professional home buying companies. Professional home buying companies, like sell my bama house fast can close faster than just about any other buyer out there. sell my bama house fast doesn’t concern themselves with things like appraisals or professional home inspections. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, sell my bama house fast can close on the date of your choice, often in as little as 7 days.

If you need to have your house sold by a certain time, it’s always good to have a plan to make that happen. That plan should include who your ideal buyer is, since the type of buyer you sell to can impact how quickly you sell your home. Once you know who you want to sell to, you can create a plan for how to find them. That will put you a few steps closer to getting your home sold by your deadline.

A quick closing isn’t the only way sell my bama house fast stands out. Click here to see how selling your home to us compares to selling your home with a local real estate agent!

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