How Selling to a Cash Buyer Works

Most buyers go through mortgage lenders to obtain the financing they need to buy a house. While these traditional buyers make up the majority of home buyers, there is another group of buyers out there: cash buyers. If you’ve never sold your house to a cash buyer before, it’s only normal to wonder how the process works.

Choose Your Buyer

The first step in selling to a cash buyer is to find a cash buyer to sell to. Sure, you could list your home on the market and wait for a cash buyer to find you. Wouldn’t it be better to be proactive and find your buyer yourself? When you choose to sell your house to a cash home buying company like Need to sell my bama house fast , finding us is as simple as entering a search for cash buyers in your area. Our simple, speedy process makes us the obvious choice for sellers in the area, especially if your home needs TLC that you can’t give it.

Negotiate the Sale

Once you’ve chosen your buyer and they’ve made you an offer (expect ours within 24 hours of our appointment to see your house), it’s time to negotiate the details of the sale. This is where you work out things like the final sale price, what’s included in the sale, repairs the buyer wants done, any contingencies the buyer has, and how closing costs will be divided up. Some cash buyers want repairs done and will have contingencies. Need to sell my bama house fast on the other hand, doesn’t have any issues with project homes. We don’t have any contingencies either. If we make you an offer, we’re ready to follow through on it.


The last step of selling to a cash buyer is closing the sale. This is where cash buyers differentiate themselves from traditional buyers. Because cash buyers have the money to pay for your house already, they don’t take as long to close. It takes cash buyers an average of 2 weeks to close, compared to the 1-2 months it takes traditional buyers. Need to sell my bama house fast takes that even further with our ability to close in as little as 7 days. We also cover 100% of the closing costs. Closing with us takes little effort on your part. Simply show up at the chosen local reputable title company on the appointed day and time, fill out the paperwork, and get ready to get paid.

At the end of the day, selling your house to a cash buyer is very similar to selling it to any other buyer in terms of how the process works. That said, if you need a fast, easy, no-hassle (or minimal-hassle) way to sell your house, selling to a cash buyer, specifically a home buying company like Need to sell my bama house fast is the best way to go. It’s so simple you’ll wonder what took you so long to decide to sell to us in the first place.

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